Friday, July 10, 2009

Monkeys, Donkeys, Cats and other things art buyers love..

Art buyers. I'll never figure out what appeals to them exactly. The things that I think will sell right away, don't--- and the things I sort of sleep walk through and am not all that fond of, people buy em right up.

I used to have a theory that people will always buy a painting of a monkey.

Any painting of a monkey I've ever done has been snapped up almost as quickly as its hung on the gallery wall. It's crazy.

I painted a lil' throw-away thing of a donkey and someone bought it almost immediately.

And cats. Every painting I've done of Clyde is gone before my next shift at the gallery.

Should I exploit this? A steady diet of that subject matter might make me want to give up painting all together. But groceries cost money. That's a dilemma for artists!

Paint what you love versus painting what sells.
The eternal dilemma of an artist in the modern world.
How far can I pimp myself out?

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