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Floyd Goes Global!

Floyd Goes Global!

In March of 2013 I was contacted by Jane Zhao, a representative of a popular Chinese Magazine, "Outdoors". They'd found my Floyd travel photos via Flickr and wanted to enlist me to write a story and send images for an upcoming special issue.

In May 2013, the article went to print and Jane sent me the pdf.
Just to make sure it wasn't complete bunk, I plugged the story into a free translation website to see if it was really the one I'd sent them.
Here is the story, loosely and hilariously translated back into English, more or less.

(My original story is here too, at bottom, to help decipher the stranger aspects of the "translation"!)
outdoor exploration -special "travel with pets" issue- page 1

SPECIAL ISSUE special report

Mini travel companions
Traveling with a Chihuahua Ellen Jo Roberts wrote Ellen Arizona travel enthusiasts, The owner of three dogs and four cats, pets Travel was her way of life. Freud The Chihuahua weighs five pounds, their footprints Two States, all 13 States, with dozens of Flights flight experience, travel For ten years.

In 2003, Freud in central Arizona Valley Ranch was born.
The first time I saw it, It is a skinny little dog babies, and its brother Sisters huddled together inside a cardboard box.
At that time, FLOPink Floyd and the brothers and sisters nails and sold at a local horse feedStore, quietly waiting for someone to buy them out.
Accidentally glimpses on the side "selling a Chihuahua" this ad Immediately after comes a 180 degree turn around and went straight into the home Shop. Then, we are proud to welcome the first official adoption Dog: Chihuahua in a handsome, lively. Although Then my family and has a number of other "members", butFreud always come first. Although size Petite,Is it personality the most. Due to the Petite, so travel with it is very convenient. Every time we holiday adventure, whether short or long,Floyd will be included in the travel plan. With pets Holiday made the journey more enjoyable, but it is also accompanied by more Difficulties. We plan travel destinations at all times consider the dog 's. Whether motel, campgroundOr hikes were accepted and became the pet
The dog. When selecting a flight, to book in advance in order to Fellow pet set aside special locations-usually you can reset The portable suitcase under the seat.
10 journey, from the West Coast to the East Coast, from the most Deep valleys to the highest peak, have left a Freud Footprint. It slept in a cabin, slept on the ship,Slept in the tent, spend the farmhouse, lived in rice Shop. Of course, never slept less in our lap, countNot clear it has on our legs how sleepy were hit.It visited small towns also visited the large city. In the 66th,Road and highway has left his story, 1th. It Had entered the Atlantic, Pacific, and Mexico Bay, kesitehai And the Great Lakes. It several times along the Mississippi River. It United States extreme South-Florida from Key West Miami 160 kilometers away. As typical of Mexico, and Floyd visited it "South of the border", visited the province of Sonora. And if With the typical American, Floyd, Washington, DC,Get a picture before the White House. Travel with Freud andFor many years, we have come to feel one thing: no matter where And as long as we're together, Floyd, right at home.
Warm no matter how difficult the road, how climate and evil Worse, how hard the journey, as long as we're together, Florida Lloyd is like playing happy. Whenever we prevail Travel Pack is always quietly from time to time found it Myself curled up in my suitcase, or lying in my On a pile of clothes, as if saying: "don't you leave meGo. ”
Floyd is so lovely that it appears always Caused a lot of people knees. But they do not know, Freud Real is a fierce little guy. "Furious five pounds Meat, "this is my alias for it. If there is a stranger When it get too close, it will be upset. First the nose Slight wrinkling, looming soon thereafter revealing its tip The tooth. If a stranger talking continued, Freud would open Started screaming, and then full attack! But and are familiar with When they were together, it changes back to the loyalty charm small Love. And with another dog, it's like a foreign Ambassador, other dogs is like spending time with it. And Freud's many years of experience tells me: no matter In what city, people see cute little Chihuahua Will smile and say hello to it. Floyd is now living in Arizona, accompany it There are other pet friend, Ivan, a Boston dog; Keeley Hazell, a mixed Chihuahua; Ned, a lively House cat. If the foot is not so much small thing, without it Brings the various "surprises", not those out all Yes ... ... Our lives may be able to lighten up. But If that were true, home will be much better than now Joy. Perhaps one day in the future, Freud would pass across the The sea, appears in the familiar small-town streets



The REAL story, original English version:

Greetings from Floyd Street

Travels with a Chihuahua

By Ellen Jo Roberts


Dozens of airplane trips.

13 states.

Two countries.

Ten years.

5 pounds of Chihuahua.


Floyd was born on a ranch in Arizona’s central Verde Valley in 2003. He was a tiny puppy when I first met him, in a cardboard box with his siblings. They were for sale at a local horse tack and feed store. After seeing a roadside sign that read, “Chihuahuas for sale” I pulled a quick u-turn and headed back to have a look. Soon we were proud owners of a handsome and feisty Chihuahua, our first dog as adults. Others have since added on to our “pack”, but Floyd was the first. Despite his tiny physical size, his personality is the largest.


His small stature makes him an easy traveling partner and we have included him in our adventures both near and far. Traveling with pets makes adventures more enjoyable but also more difficult. We must plan locations that are pet-friendly. Motels, campsites, hiking trails all must allow dogs. Airplane flights must be booked well in advance with special additional reservations in place for the pets who join us, in carry-on travel cases stashed under our seats.


In his 10 years, Floyd has traveled from coast to coast, from deepest valley to highest mountains.

He’s slept in cabins, boats, tents, private homes and historic hotels. And on our laps. Lots of lap naps.

He’s been to ghost towns and mansions. He’s cruised storied roads like Route 66 and Highway 1.

Floyd’s set foot in the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Gulf of Mexico, the Sea of Cortez and the Great Lakes. He’s also crossed the Mississippi River numerous times. He’s been to the Southernmost Point of the United States, in Key West Florida, 100 miles from Miami.

Like any proper Mexican, he’s visited his homeland south-of-the-border, touring the state of Sonora.

Like any proper American, he’s had his photo taken in front of the White House in Washington D.C.

One thing we’ve realized in all of our years of traveling with Floyd is that no matter where we go, he is home as long as he is with us. No matter how different the landscape or the temperature, or the duration of the expedition, he is game for any location as long as we together. As we’re packing for a trip I often times find him curled up in my suitcase, nestled among my clothes as if to say, “You’re not leaving without me.”

Floyd is so cute he always attracts a crowd of admirers. Unfortunately for them, he is a vicious little brute.

“Five Pounds of Fury” is what we call him. If strangers try to approach him too closely, he gets angry. He starts with a slight wrinkling of the nose, then the faint hint of fang. If the approach continues, he begins to growl and soon it is a full-fledged attack.With those he knows and loves, he is a devoted and charming little fellow. He’s also a great ambassador with other dogs, all of whom love him instantly.

Another thing I’ve learned in our years traveling with Floyd: No matter the city, people will always smile at a tiny Chihuahua walking past.

Floyd lives in Arizona with a few other pet pals: Ivan, a Boston Terrier, Hazel, a Chihuahua-Mix, and Ned, a frisky housecat. Our lives would probably be easier without all these animals underfoot, pestering us for treats and getting their fur on everything… But it would certainly be quite a deal less amusing.

Perhaps some day Floyd will take his show overseas and perhaps you will see him strolling the streets of your town.

 As always, for more Floyd travel fun, visit....


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